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Win Out-of-this-World Gifts Throughout the Longines League of Nations™ Season


The new Longines League of Nations™ offers great competition and out-of-this-world gifts – not just for the participating teams but for equestrian fans too!

The 10 nations’ star athletes will be giving their all to make the podium from the season opener in Abu Dhabi on February 11 all the way through to the Barcelona final. Plus, there are chances for FEI fans to unlock gifts throughout the series thanks to our season-long Chasing Jumps competition.

Take part in the Chasing Jumps treasure hunt by finding hidden QR codes on, the FEI’s other digital channels and guest digital channels to unlock special gifts. The more QR codes you find and scan the better your chances of rising up the Chasing Jumps ranking and winning the biggest gifts. A luxurious Longines timepiece is on offer following the season finale in Barcelona!

There will also be a number of quizzes through the season to test your Longines League of Nations™ knowledge and give you an opportunity to improve your Chasing Jumps ranking - the more questions you correctly answer, the better your ranking!

Start following the FEI Jumping and Longines League of Nations™ social media channels for clues on where to locate these QR codes and keep on scanning throughout the season to unlock a huge array of digital delights and remarkable real-world rewards. These range from digital collectables,special offers and goodie bags, to free FEI TV subscriptions, discounts for the FEI Fan Shop, a T-shirt signed by Longines League of Nations™ riders, as well as that previously mentioned incredible Longines timepiece.

“This will be great fun for all our Jumping and equestrian fans and marks the start of this exciting new season,” said the FEI. “We’re looking forward to seeing people enjoying the competition and shooting up the rankings!”


Why not start your adventure right now by scanning this QR code below?!

Chasing Jumps - QR Code


How do you play?

Look out for Chasing Jumps clues on FEI Jumping and Longines League of Nations™ digital channels, such as and our Instagram channel where we will be releasing clues on QR codes locations before, during and after each event of the series.

When you’ve followed a clue, scan or screenshot the QR code and click the link. This will take you to the Chasing Jumps website. Here you can register and unlock your gifts!

For each event, the best and fastest players to locate all the QR codes will be rewarded with the greatest gifts. You will be contacted by email a few days after the end of each event in case you reached the top spots!


Additional chase sessions for on-site fans

Attending one of the Longines League of Nations™ events in person? Start looking for these precious QR codes at the venues! We have prepared unique on-site sessions that will allow you to unlock even more rewards!


The Longines League of Nations™ season

The new-look Longines League of Nations™ series blends the traditions of the past with the excitement of the modern sport for a four-leg super-series that will take place across three continents.

After Abu Dhabi (UAE) on February 11 the action will move to Ocala (USA) in March and then to St Gallen (SUI) and Rotterdam (NED) in June before concluding with the big Final in Barcelona (ESP) in October where the best eight teams will battle it out for the inaugural title.

The 10 qualified nations are Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.