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Rui Ribeiro

Longines League of Nations™ Anthem

About Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro is a highly accomplished composer, whose musical journey began on the outskirts of Portugal’s capital Lisbon at the tender age of seven. Ribeiro would regularly pass by a small neighbourhood music school where he was captivated by the sight of children playing instruments through the school's large window. Ribeiro pleaded with his parents to enrol him but financial constraints required a temporary creative solution: a small, inexpensive Yamaha keyboard became Ribeiro’s gateway to a lifelong love affair with music.


Later in life, formal training took Ribeiro to University of Évora in Portugal, where he graduated in Music Composition and was mentored by nationally renowned composers and conductors like Luis Tinoco, Christopher Bochmann, and Roberto Perez. 


Ribeiro has drawn musical inspiration from a diverse array of influences, ranging from classical masters like Beethoven and Brahms to contemporary icons such as John Williams and Danny Elfman. However, it is the works of Leonard Bernstein that have deeply inspired Ribeiro as a conductor, composer, and educator.


Composing the anthem for the Longines League of Nations™


At the heart of Ribeiro's anthem for the Longines League of Nations™ lies a deep understanding of the horse's footfall—a rhythmic pattern that mirrors a horse’s steps during walking, trotting, cantering, and galloping. Ribeiro's creative process was started with hours of observing and immersing himself in equestrian competitions. 


"Music and sport may seem like separate worlds, but rhythm is the unifying thread that binds them," explains Ribeiro. "In the rhythmic patterns of the horse's movements, I found the natural pulse and pace to compose the anthem for the Longines League of Nations™."


With keen attention to detail, Ribeiro identified the distinctive three-beat canter and four-beat gallop as the foundation for the anthem's rhythmic framework. From this foundation emerged a composition divided into three sections, each capturing a different facet of the equestrian experience.


The first and final sections reflect the dynamic athleticism of horse and athlete as they navigate challenging courses. In contrast, the middle section slows the pace, evoking the connection and trust that is shared between horse and human—a testament to the patience and dedication required to nurture this unique partnership.


Clocking in at 5 minutes and 11 seconds, Ribeiro's anthem serves as the cornerstone for shorter adaptations tailored for TV and web spots. Portions of the anthem will also enhance in-venue experiences, enriching the presentation of equestrian sports through the skilled production of Ricardo Ferreira, who co-owns Lisbon-based BLIM Records alongside Rui.

Want to listen to the Longines League of Nations™ anthem?

Download the audio and the composer’s listening guide here